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To the Honorable City Council of the City of Fort Worth,


The condemnation proceedings in the matter of the widening of
Sixth Street were held and the commissioners to-day rendered their
decision which is that the city pay eighteen hundred dollars for the
land desired.

I do not advise any action at this time on the part of the Council
as ten days are allowed for appeal and Mr. Anderson does not seem to be
satisfied with the amount of the award and I do not know what position
the city will take in the premises.

I would suggest to the city that an appeal is not desirable unless
they think that the property is indispensable, for if the Council does
not desire to take the property it is not compelled to take it and can
wait and have the matter passed upon by another commission. If, however,
the Council should be of opinion that the matter should be proceeded with
and that the price allowed is too much, then I would thank the Council
to instruct me to take the proper proceedings to appeal the matter to
the County Court.

Very respectfully,
E. C. Orrick
City Atty

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