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Ft. Worth, Texas
Dec. 14, 1904.
City Council of Ft. Worth
I wish to place before you
here in this meeting the subject of
the collection of back taxes. I. R. W. Jenkins
has been recently informed of a back
tax on lot #16 in the year of 1894 at whitch
apear it was assed for $600. dollars But at
that afears assement I did not own said
property but it belonged to Fabers. But Sater
bought it. The idea is, that whitch I wish
to impress is I do not object to paying tax
but the cost I do object to, is that it was
not my fault it theres. I went and asked the
tax collector if there were any taxes due on
such property, and paid as claimed, all
taxes due, and asked if any back taxes
were not paid and the answer was No there
fore If such taxes had been produced I
would have paid such and there would
not be no cost there. I do not think it
my fault for I asked for all taxes and I refuse-
ed to pay cost and ask your conentrated
thought upon this matter. This property has
and always was assed for $200 and no
higher only until the year 1897 whitch
then was assed for $600. dollars This lot had
no improvements, nothing but the naked
lot and only 28 wide and ask the release of the cost.

Yours respectfully
R. W. Jenkins

P. S.
Pleas reply at once.

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