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Ft. Worth, Texas, Oct. 7h, 1904.



We, the undersigned gardeners, vegetable vendors, and others at
interest, respectfully represent:-

That we have recently removed the market, heretofore at Fourth and
Houston Streets to Twelfth and Houston Streets in the City of Ft.Worth.
Business at this market is transacted in the early hours of the morn-
ing before day, and lights are absolutely indispensable. While the
City had one arc light at the South-east corner of the intersection of
Houston and Twelfth Streets, we found this insuggicient, and we placed
two other arc lights on Houston Street, each on the West side thereof, one
between 11th and 12th Streets, and one between 12th and 13th Streets,
and have maintained these lights at our own expense.

The locality mentioned is in every way suitable for this market.
We suggest, however, that it is the duty of the City to maintain these
lights, and, therefore, respectfully request your Honorable Body to
recognize the use of the Streets in the vicinity stated, for the pur-
pose aforesaid, and to relieve the udnersigned citiens and tax-payers
of the expense of maintaining these lights.

Very respectfully,

S.D. Laneri
F. P. Boyd F.P. Pendery
E.B. Randle for J.W. Vincent
Dr. Oliver Lofthier Glenn Bros & Co
L. A. Tinble
W.L. Norwood
Wm Bryan W.W. Berry
E.D. Farmer Y.W. Wills
R.Y.Prigmore Atty for Z.C. Felt J. M. Williams
G. Co. Bank [?] James F. Moore
Frank Z Elihouser
H.B. Herd C.L. Parsley
N Harding John Donahue
DH Hightower Wills & Tyson