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To the Honorable Mayor and city Council,


In obedience to your direction I have attended the sessions of
the Board of Equalization in its consideration of the personal tax

The amount of property rendered and assessed when the Board took
possession of the rolls was $6,110,570. When the assessments by the
Board were concluded on yesterday the roll showed an assessment
of personal property accounting to $8,954,044, making a new raise by the
Board over the amount of property rendered of the sum of $2,843,474
which will give to the city in additional revenue from personal taxes
the sum of $49,759 more than it would have received had the Board of
Equalization taken no action upon the rolls.

While this enormous increase is shown, yet the increase over the
personal assessments of last year is only $180,936 owing to the fact
that the renditions this year were some six hundred thousand dollars less than
the amount shown by the roll of last year. There will, however, be an
increase to the city of a new revenue of over thirty-five thousand dol-
lars out of the personal tax alone to which should be added a net in-
crease of about $17,500 from real estate, giving the city an additional
revenue over last year of sum $50,000 or more.

The enormous increase of $2,843,474 made by the Board was only
done by the most strenuous labor on its part and the active and faithful
assistance of Mr. Gilvin, the Assessor and Collector, and his deputies,
and I commend all of them to the Council for their fearless, intelligent
and impartial action, and certainly they are due the thanks of the Council
for the successful manner in which they have performed their duties. I
say successful manner for the reason that I do not believe that there
will be a single contest, there never having been any serious chance of
but one and that was finally settled.

It might be supposed that serious friction would have been develop-
ed in making this increase, but with the single exception there has

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