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HENRY C. SCOTT, President.
421 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.
F. B. HARROLD, Vice-President.

SAMUEL BECK, Secretary.
J. C. LORD, Superintendent and Engineer.

● ● OFFICE OF ● ●
The Fort Worth Light and Power
809 Houston Street, Dundee Block.

Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 24th 1903

Hon. E. C. Orrick, City Atty.,
Fort Worth, Tex.

Dear Sir:

Referring to the controversy
between the City of Fort Worth and this Company,
respecting the assessed valuations put upon our
personal property, we propose, for the purpose of
bringing the matter to a speedy and amicable
settlement, to pay the personal taxes assessed against
us for 1902, although the assessment is in our
view irregular and excessive, and will pay
personal taxes for 1903 upon a basis of $83977.60
valuation, which represents the true value of our personal property.

This basis of settlement, although much above
what we should pay, we propose as a means
of ending an unfortunate and regrettable controversy
with the City, for we will thus pay or will have paid
all real estate taxes assessed against us,
and the personal taxes as above, and will
have thus fully met our share of the burden
put upon those who must take care of
the City's annual requirements.

Yours truly
Henry C. Scott

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