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To the Honorable Finance Committee of the City Council of the City of
Fort Worth.

Attached hereto you will find a letter from Henry C. Scott, Presi-
dent of the Fort Worth Light and Power Co. with whom I have had some
conversation relative to the appeal taken by said Light and Power CO.
from the valuation placed by the Board of Equalization upon the personal
property of the said Company.

I feel that the matter is one for your consideration in connection
with my opinion on the subject which I hereto attach. If the case were
one in which it were possible to settle the principles as to whether or
not the intangible property of a corporation could be assessed for taxes
by an indirect process as it may be called, I should cheerfully proceed
to litigate the question even though I believed that I should be beaten
as I deem it very advisable to have settled once for all the question
aforesaid. That question in my opinion cannot arise in this case, and
the very best that could be done would be to litigate over the actual
value of the property listed by the Light and Power Co. as personal proper-
ty. So far I have been unable to learn that we will be able to prove a
greater value for the said property as personal property than the valuation
placed upon it by the Company.

I should not have felt called upon to refer this matter to you
had it not been for my views of the law as expressed in the accompanying
opinion and for the feeling that I have that it is not well for the city
to enter into a course of litigation with the chances so largely against
it when the trouble which produces the situation can be so easily remedied
upon another assessment. If you gentlemen should feel called upon to pre-
sent this question to the Council I shall be most happy to follow the direc-
tions that may be given me either by you as a committee or by the Council
as a body.

Very respectfully,
City - Atty

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