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John B. Hawley,
Consulting Engineer.
Member American Society Civil Engineers,
City Engineer, Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, Texas. Nov. 7th. 1902

Hon the Mayor and City Council,
Fort Worth, Texas.

Below please find estimate No 6, and final, of work done and material
furnished by R.L.Brown contractor for two additional rooms to the third
ward School.
Total contract ......................................... $1592.40
Less previous estimates

And extra work as follows:
Stonework $8.00
Sashlifts 4.00
Sundry labor 19.80 __________31.80
Amount due $81.80

To which I certify,
John B. Hawley
City Engineer,

I recommend that the above amount be paid only after the contractor
shall have satisfied the Mayor and the City Attorney that all claims
for material or labor applying to this work,for which the city might
become liable, have been fully paid or satisfactorily secured.
John B. Hawley-
City Engineer.

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