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Fort Worth, Texas ________________________ 189___

Be it Resolved,


We, your Committee,

Whereas there is being circulated
in Fort Worth, a petition requesting Gov. Jas
S. Sayers to veto the bill recently passed
by the legislation of Texas granting a new
charter to the City of Fort Worth and whereas
said Charter as passed was in answer
to the demands of a mass mutiny of
the business men of the city, assembled
in answer to a call from the Board
of Trade of said city, which said call
was published in the daily press of the
city and the Dallas News for five days, and whereas
said mass meeting was one of the
most representative gathering
ever held in the city and whereas
the said Charter will enable the
city government. to promptly meet
in obligations
to refund at a lower rate of interest its outstanding
bonded indebtedness, which cannot be
done under the present charter and whereas
the city will be

and whereas under
the present charter the city is prohibited from
entering with a necessary contract with the
T&P Ry Co & others to construct a
viaduct over the Ry reservation in the
city which is an urgent and
an immediate necessity and whereas
a large majority of the citizens of the
City are in favor of the new charter
now therefore be it resolved

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