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Fort Worth, Texas, May 18 1900
"Be it Resolved, That the City Attorney be instructed to
proceed to collect of the Estate of J.P. Nicks
[We, Your Committee,] and his bondsmen the amount
paid out by the City in the suit of Mrs.
Ward vs. City, for the salary of her husband
who had been the City Plumber - Said amounts
so paid out amounting to $78.90 as per
statement of the City Auditor"

Wm G Newby
John F Lehane
Q. T. Moreland

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How to indicate that [We, your Committee] has been crossed out?

Fort Worth Public Library

You would type the following: We your Committee
More information is available in the Advanced Markup link after selecting the Help tab on the transcription page.

Fort Worth Public Library

Here is a link to the Help page that demonstrates how to use the markup language for strike through text: https://content.fromthepage.com/project-owner-documentation/advanced-mark-up/

I tried to demonstrate the commands in the previous message, but it did not display. To show a text as strike through, you will need to surround the text with a left angle bracket, lowercase s, and right angle bracket. Then close the text with a left angle bracket, forward slash, lowercase s, and right angle bracket.