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(186) Maple-leaved Goosefoot (co.hybridum) (187) Mexican
Tea (co.ambroscoides) (188) Ceycloloma (Ceycloloma
atriplicifolium). (189) Monolepis (M. nuttalliana) (190)
Sattwort (Salsola Kali)

(b) Amaranth Family (Amaranttaceae) (191) Rough Pigweed
(Amaranthus retroflexus) (192) Spiny Amaranth (A.spino-
sus) (193) Prostrate Amaranth (A. Clitoides) (194) Tumble-
weed (A.graecizans) (195) Palmer's Amaranth (A.palmeri)
(196) Western Water-hemp (Acnida tamariscina) (197)
Prostrate Western Water-hemp (A. tamariscina prostrata),
(198) Wooly Gossy pianthus (Gossypianthus lanagi-
nosus) (199) Creeping Attenathera (A. repens) (200)
Slender Froelickia (F. gracilis) (201) Field Froelickia
(F. Campestris) (202) Blood-leaf (Iresine paniculata)
(c) Whitlow-wort Family (Corrigiolaceae)
(203) Rocky Whitlow-wort (Paronychia scoparia)
(d) Pokeweed Family (Petiveriaceae) (204) Smooth
Rivina (R. laevis) (205) Poke or Pigeon-berry (Phy-
tolacca decandra)
(e) Four-o'clock Family (Allioniaceae) (206) Heart-
leaved Umbrella-Wort (Allionia nyetaginea) (207) Pale
Umbrella-Wort (A. Albida) (208) Hairy Umbrella-Wort

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