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Nymphaeaceae or Water Lily Family
Nelumbo Lutea American Lotus or Water Chinkapin
Lake Worth

Ranunculaceae or Crowfoot Family
Anemone Caroliniana, Carolina Anemone
Delphinium albescene White-Flowered
Along Streams
Clematis reticulata - Clematis
In woods

Menispermaceæe or Moonseed Family
Cebatha Carolina - Carolina Moonseed
Lake Worth

Cruciferae or Mustard Family
Roripa nasturtium Water-cress
In damp, wet grounds

Capparidaceae or Caper Family
Polanisia uniflandulosa Clammy-weed
[?] of streams

Pomaceae or Apple Family
Crataegus scabri[?]cula - Hawthorn
open woods
Crataegus [Mollie?] Red-fruited Thorn
open woods

Caesalpinaceae or Senna Family
Callia roemeriana Roemeis Sensitive Plant.
On prairies

Krameriaceae Krameria Family
Krameria secundiflora Linear-leaved Krameria
Lake Worth

Papilionaceae or Pea Family
Sophna affinis Ever Necklace
In woods
Lupinus texender Lexal Lupine
Lake Worth
Melilotus Altia White Sweet-Clover
Psoralea cuspidata Large-Bractor Psoralea
Lake Worth
Parosela aurea Golden Parosela
Petalostemon multiflorus Many-flower Prarie clover
Lake Worth
Petalostemon pubescens Hairy Prarie clover
Lake Worth
Geoprrumnon Crassicaspum Gostand Plum
Aragallus Cambertii Colorado [Loco?] Vetch
Dry [?]
Clitoria Mariana Butterfly Pea
Lake Worth

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