Letter from Albert Ruth to Mary Daggett Lake: July 2, 1925





Polytechnic, Texas July 2/1925

Mrs. Will F. Lake 1415 Grand Fort Worth,

My dear Mrs. Lake:-

As I have been away from town I was not able till Monday last to go to Father Nolan's, and determine what that tree was. It proved to be Quercus Macrocarpa, or Mossy-cup Oak. It is also called Bur Oak. It is a beautiful tree, and one that grows in time to be 16a feet high with a trunk diameter of 8 feet.

I am sorry that on account of being away, I was not able to avail myself of the pleasure of your kind invitation to go out to that pond before it was drained.

With very kind regards and good wishes, I am

Cordially yours, A Ruth.

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