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London Aprill the 22th (93)


Edward Cook Esquire Councellor
at Law is constituted Licencer of the

Mr Stevens is appointed
Deputy secretary for the Kingdom of
Scotland to attend the King: in Flanders
and accordingly has received his Instructions
and is prepareing to goe upon the same

Three Councills have been
held upon the affaier of the Discent
and Iam assured it goes Vigerously on
and the Lords of the Tresury & Councill
went yesterday into the Citty to borrow
Monney in the Great Iuncture-

The 2 East India Interlopers
haue peticioned the Councill that the
Embargo might be taken off upon
which an order of Councill past that
they might have Liberty to put to Sea

The Lords of the Admiralty
had yesterday an Express that the Goodwin
Sloop was put into Weymouth. who saies
She was Chased by 3 ffrench Men of
War of above 70 Guns who ffired
above 50 Shott at her which Came thro' her
sailes but did Little or noe Dammage 13

Portsmouth the 20 On Tuesday affrench

Martiall Bouffleers is gon to Paris to take the Kings Instructions how to act
in fflanders - That the Duke of Savoy is soe well recovered as to give audience
to the Emperors Embassendor & that his Duches is gon 3 Months with Child And
that the remainder of the Dutch quota are sailed for England to Ioyne our ffleet