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The personall estate of the late Sir Ino Cutler
appears to be 140000l the moiety of which
he has left by will to his son in Law the Earl of
Radnor. besides 5500l per annum the rest he has
given to his poore relations onely 1000l. to
Christs hospitall & this day the Earl of Radnor &
Mr. Boulter Nephew & executor to the deceased
met to consult about his buriall. It is observd
that the said Sir John before his death had deposited
in St. Martins vestry alarge Wooden Chest
supposed to be full of Writings but after his
death the Lord Radnor was sent for to see it
opened & it was found full of plate - The Trans
-port ships are orderd to saile light to holland
supposed to take in some regiments of souldiers
to be imployed in the Descent.

the honorable Sir Richard: Newdigate
at Arbury 4
near Coventry

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