L.c.2167: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 1693 April 20

Bifolium. Postmarked: AP/20.


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London Aprill 20th 93


There are Letters in the secretaryes Office directed from the Lord Paget which give alarge account of the posture of the turkish affairs Of his Lordships audience of theGrand Vissier at Adrianople and what disposition there is towards apeace. he finds the french Ambassadors hath soe far prevailed with the Mufti and principall Offices of the Court, that he beleives the turks are inclinable to adventure another Campaigne, though at the same time the Vissier hath appointed aday to de liberate with the Dutch Ambassador on the Artistes his Lordship brought with him from the Emperour and in the Close sayes that the people are generally inclinable to apeace.

Sometime agoe a ffrench. Privateer of not aboue 15 Tuns being an open boate without any greate guns came up the River with English Colours & passed all our fleet 'tis supposed to haue seized 40000l that was iust goeing to pay the shiping but aVessell happily tooke her & for the Queens veiw is brought up on this side the Bridge and now rides before Whitehall.

An exraordinary Cabinet Coun -cell was yesterday held at the Lord Notting -hams office upon the affaires of the Descent by vertue of an express come from his Maiestie where the Commissioners of the Victualling office & transport ships attended.

Number of 2600 since which 80 of them have been seized & sent prisoners to Montpelier & more are taken up dayly some of them of Considerable ranke & some troops are lodged upon them at Discression which causes agreate many people to fly the Countrey & tis beleived soe soone as the expresse which the Intendant of that Province sent to Court is returned there will be bloody doeings.

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I am assured that 500 transport ships in the River in severall. ports are taken up for the service of the Descent

This day the New Mortars for bombarding the ffrench Maritime townes were carried downe the River to be experi --mented.

Yesterday 12000l was brought into the Exchequer. by 100l at a time upon the Million proiect Bill which makes it nigh 300000l.

The Queene yesterday meeting a flanders officer in Saint. James's parke who had a few dayes before taken his leave of her Maiestie to goe to his post the Queene called him to her and said she thought he had beene in Flanders the wind being faire, but if he did not like his Commission bid him bring it to her & she would dispose of it - where upon all officers hurry away least the Queene should say the like to them

The Gunners & Bombarders dayly exercise at Black heath and above 60 Gunners. are taken into service to be imployed in the Descent.

The Dutch St Tubes fleet in Holland is taken in to service to be imployed as transport ships in the Descent

Yesterday the Virginia Merchants attended the Cabinet Councell & prayed that the Embargeo might be taken off their shiping which was granted and orders

raiseing a Ban and A near Ban throughout his dominions intimateing that the Kingdom is threatened with an English & Dutch Descent and they will be mixed withSir some regular forces. Corne is extereame scarce in severall parts of this Kingdom the people flying about in troops to seek after bread. Wee are advisid from [Hsez] in the low Languedocke that the Dragoons Catholicks of that Province likely assembled to the

are gone to Portsmouth for the virginia and .... ^west India fleets to saile the first wind.

Letters since my last from Dublin say that they haue an account there that the Lord Sidney will be made Marquesce of Dublin Sir Charles Porter apeere of that Realme Esquire Coresbey a Barronet & Mr Thomson of the Exchequer a Knight.

They write from Plymouth of the 16 inst. that Sir Martin Beckman their Maiesties Cheife engeneer went from thence on saterday last to veiw the forti -fications at Pendernis and at his returne would doe the like there.

It is said that Dr Greenvill (Brother to the Earl of Bath) who followed the late King Iames to ffrance and by him made titular Archbishop of Yorke is arrived here but does not yet appeare in publicke.

Wee heare that all the first and 2d rate ships are to ioyne the rest of the Royall Navy by the first of the next month about which time there will be an encampment at Black heath.

Wee haue received a forreigne Maile since my last which furnisheth us with the following Novells from france

Paris the 22th Aprill Two dayes agoe an English Lord who formerly served King. Iames. as secretary of state arrived here haueing made his escape from England

and has brought with him some papers of greate Consequence being [..sclene] of all the English affairs - It is wrote from Brest that they are working on the Grand fleet with utmost diligence & that 2 small squadrons which were goeing to sea are stopt by order from Court that they may be in readinesse to ioyne the English Thoulon squadron that the while may make head against the Enemy. - The King has given orders for

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The personall estate of the late Sir Ino Cutler appears to be 140000l the moiety of which he has left by will to his son in Law the Earl of Radnor. besides 5500l per annum the rest he has given to his poore relations onely 1000l. to Christs hospitall & this day the Earl of Radnor & Mr. Boulter Nephew & executor to the deceased met to consult about his buriall. It is observd that the said Sir John before his death had deposited in St. Martins vestry alarge Wooden Chest supposed to be full of Writings but after his death the Lord Radnor was sent for to see it opened & it was found full of plate - The Trans -port ships are orderd to saile light to holland supposed to take in some regiments of souldiers to be imployed in the Descent.

To the honorable Sir Richard: Newdigate Baronet at Arbury 4 near Coventry

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