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London Aprill 15th 93


I am Credibly assured that an order of
Councell is made to presse Watermen
and that the Marques of Winchester appointed
some of the Queens & the Lord Chamberlaine
the Kings to goe to sea for that there will
be men Wanting as well to mann
the Grand fleet as to Navigate the
transport ships for the service of the

There is now 264000l brought
into the Exchequer upon the Million proiect

The 5 East India ships are now
got into the Downes and will saile with
the first oppertunity the Company beleiv
-ing they shall be able to get a dispensation
of the Embargo.

The Queene has ordered the Lord
Cutts to change theGarrison of the Isle
of Wight & to put in their roomes 2
Companyes of Brigadeer Colliers His Lord.
-ship has sent orders to the County to signifye
to him if there be any arrears due to you
for quartering souldiers &c and he will
take care to stop the money for them here
His Lordship has likewise ordered that all
persons in any Command or place
continue therein 'till he comes amongst
them to settle the Island

Yesterday one Clarke commonly
knowne by Budy Clarke was taken
into Custody of a Messenger and divers

160 to 116 upon the petition presented against them One Mr ffeilding
is apointed to succeed Mr How as commissioner of the transport
ships. This morning Sir Iohn Cutler departed this life haveing
left behind him and Estate of 300000l & tis beleived he