L.c.2165: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 1693 April 15

Bifolium. Postmarked: AP/15.


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London Aprill 15th 93


I am Credibly assured that an order of Councell is made to presse Watermen and that the Marques of Winchester appointed some of the Queens & the Lord Chamberlaine the Kings to goe to sea for that there will be men Wanting as well to mann the Grand fleet as to Navigate the transport ships for the service of the Descent.

There is now 264000l brought into the Exchequer upon the Million proiect Bill.

The 5 East India ships are now got into the Downes and will saile with the first oppertunity the Company beleiv -ing they shall be able to get a dispensation of the Embargo.

The Queene has ordered the Lord Cutts to change theGarrison of the Isle of Wight & to put in their roomes 2 Companyes of Brigadeer Colliers His Lord. -ship has sent orders to the County to signifye to him if there be any arrears due to you for quartering souldiers &c and he will take care to stop the money for them here His Lordship has likewise ordered that all persons in any Command or place continue therein 'till he comes amongst them to settle the Island

Yesterday one Clarke commonly knowne by Budy Clarke was taken into Custody of a Messenger and divers 10

160 to 116 upon the petition presented against them One Mr ffeilding is apointed to succeed Mr How as commissioner of the transport ships. This morning Sir Iohn Cutler departed this life haveing left behind him and Estate of 300000l & tis beleived he

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others are looked after.

On Thursday last a Petition was presented to her Maiestie in Councell subscribd by divers Members of Parliament and eminent Merchants intimateing that the East India Company haveing made default in paying in their first quarterly payment asserted under ioynt stacke on the 25 of March appointed by Act of Parliament the Charter by the said Act is become void - upon which 'tis said the matter will be enquired into

A Parson was ????? Convicted this Assizes at Hereford for drinking a health to King Iames and forceing some of his parishioners to doe the like & use a greate many seditious speeches for which he was fined 50li & to be bound seaven years to his good Behaviour

Severall eminent Lawyers have given in their opinions that the East India Company haue forfeited their Charter the same being void in Law by their none payment of their money aforesaid

The Turkey Merchants yesterday presented a petition to her Maiestie that the Embargo might be taken of and they are told they shall haue asatisfactory Answer in few dayes.

Two Engineers are arrived in the Ile of Wight being sent by the King to veiw the fortifications there his Maiestie intending to lay out 60000l in additionall fortifications to the fortresses of that Ile & his Maiestie has ordered a Detatchment

himselfe in a Dutch Regiment which intent to corrupt the souldiers to desert was discovered and sentenced to walke the Gantlet 6 severall times 2 Serieants goeingbefore him with the points of their halberds at his breast to prevent his swift - motion & then [Cassie.e]. Yesterday Dr Scott Scott preached before her Maiestie at Whitehall. The Auctions of the East India Company is falln from

to be made out of the 2 regiments there to strengthen the Garrison of Newport in flanders.

The Lord Keeper is ordered to make a reforme in the Commissions of the peace throughout England and the Lords Leiftenants haue orders to doe the like amongst the officers of the Militia

Secretary Trenchard hath taken Hungerford house in Spring garden to live in

Agreate disturbance hath happened this weeke at Shaftsbury in Dorset shire occasioned by a quarrell betweene a troop of french Refugees quartered there and the Inhabitants and severall are Killed in the fray.

Barbadoes the 15th of February Wee impatiently expect Sir Francis Wheeler with his squadron & reinforcements & then shall make an attacke upon Marteni -co but wee understand that the french there have received by two ships from france under 2 Convoys all sorts of Necessaryes but noe souldiers.

Sheilds the 11th instant. yesterday came in here afly boat belonging to Newcastle she was some dayes agoe taken by a french. privateer who detained the Master in france till he had paid his ran some 3 french privateers are upon this Coast & there passeth not aday but some of our ships are taken by them

Yesterday 3 Clippers was seized neare so ho & Committed to Newgate

The Bishop of Rochester

is taken very sicke // A Gentleman. arrived here yesterday from the King in Holland and sayes that severall Considerable roman Catholicks are arrived there from france with what substance they could draw of that 16 of them abiured their religion in a Church at Amsterdam. They say the Miseries of the people in france are inconsiderable // The Gentleman. adds that a french pretended refugie who had listed

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has left very considerably to the Earle of Radnor who married his daugher to whome he was perfectly reconsiled before his death

To the honorable Sir Richard: Newdigate Baronet at Arbury near Coventry Coventry 2

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