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{59} To Preserue Damsons
Take of the bruised and least damsons and put them into
a skillett of faire water, and boile them till they come
to their colour, then weigh of the fairest allmost weight
for weight with sugar: then lay a laying of sugar and a
laying of damsons in the skillett and power into them
a quarter of a pint of the liquor, and soe set them
ouer the fier and let them simper very tenderly, till
they purchasse their colour and be very tender, then
set them away all night in their liquor, and next morning
boile them vp till the syrop will button vpon the side of
a dish still being carefull to take out those that be
tender and ready, then putting all those that you haue
taken out giue them a gentle whalme together & when
they be cold pott them

{60} The best way to presarue all sorts
of fruit dry or wett
ffirst to make Cleare Cakes of
Gooseberries or any fruites or

Take your fruit and put them into a stone pot and couer it
and put the said stone pot into a pot of seething water and
as the fruit doth boile tender power away the liquid substance
from them into a siluer dish, or fro Rasberries or English
Currants if uoy you will you may put them into a posnet
and soe boile them and stirre them till they be boiled all
to pices and put them into a strainer and let the liquor
runne into a siluer dish or gelly pot, being in hot water
whereby the liquor may be keept warme while it is a dropping
then the colour will be the better, then hauing an other dish
iust of the same weight of that which hath the liquor of your
fruit, weigh that liquor in the one dish and the sugar
in the other, and take Iust the weight of the liquor in fine
sugar, then brake the said sugar into small peeces and boile
it to a Candy height, then take the liquor of the fruit being
made seething hot and put it into your hot sugar and stirre it
togeather and soe let it stand from the fire, for it must
not boile in any case after the liquor is in the sugar, and
betweene hot and cold powre it into your moulds or glasses
made like marmalet boxes, and set them into a warme
stoue and soe let it stand till it be canded on the top, then
turne it on a peece of glasse & set them into the
worme stoue againe & soe let them stand there till
they be dryed throughly, and then burne them and set
them vp./

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