Wellcome Collection: Coley Family (MS1711 )

Receipt book containing cookery receipts in English: with additions by several hands, and a few medical receipts.


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Puddings &

A Potatoe Pudding

Take 3 pd of Potatoes roast & grate them very fine, mix with them by degrees a pint of boiling milk till 'tis very fine & without Lumps, then melt a pd & 1/2 of Butter, & mix with it, & sweeten it to yr taste, add Salt, nutmeg, a little Sack as you think proper, this may be either baked or boyled, it is best baked.

An Oatmeal Pudding Savoury

A Pint of Gruts of Oatmeal 3/4 of a pd of Beef Suet, Shred fine, a little parsly, Thyme, Winter Savoury, penny royal, Shred fine, some salt, mix them all well tye it up in a Cloth & boyl it full 3 hours, you may add a very little bit of the white of a Leek if you please, shred very small.

Cheese Loaves

Take 3 pts of Milk, put to it a Spoonfull of Runnet, when it is Come to a Curd Squeeze it, put to the Curd 1/4 of a pd of Butter, some Sugar, Nutmeg, 3 Eggs, a little grated bread, break it all together bake it upon thin plates. Melt butter & Sack to put over them.

Almond Tarts

Take a pound of Almonds, blanch them & half beat them putting to them a wine Glass of Orange flower water & 3/4 of a pd of Sugar in the beating then put the Yolks of 2 Eggs, a wine Glass of Cream, a quarter of a pd of melted butter stir them all together, then make your paste of a pd of fine flour, & a pd of fresh butter, cold Water & 2 Eggs, make it no stiffer then batter, & bake them in Patty Pans.

To make Paste for Tarts, Mrs Friday 1774 -

Take of fresh Butter, and Flour, in equal Quantity's, according to the size of the Tart, and with Clean hands, rub the Flour, and butter together untill, it is as finely mixed, as if it were powder of Almonds; then take as little water as possible to make it a proper Consistance for Roling, then Role it, five or six times. --------

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Puddings &

A Rich Plumb Cake

Take 3/4 of a peck of Flour 10 pd of Currants, 3 pints of Ale Yeast. 3 pints of Cream, 16 Eggs, 4 pd of Butter, a pint of Sack, 4 grains of musk, 1 ounce of Mace & Cinamon, a pd & [1/2] of Sugar. let your flour & plumbs be well dry'd, & mix all yr things together except the Plumbs, Let it Lie half an hour before a good fire to rise & when yr Oven is ready put in yr Plumbs, an hour & half will bake it.

Almond Cheese cakes

Take 1/2 a pd of Almonds, blanch & beat them very small with two spoonfulls of Orange flower Water, then take 1/2 a pd of Loaf Sugar beat & Sifted 3/4 of a pd of Butter melted almost Cold, 8 Yolks of Eggs, 4 whites well beat, the yellow peal of a Large Lemon boyled till the bitterness is all gone, beat it well, mix it all well together, bake it in a light Crust in patty pans. half an hour will bake them.

Ratafia Cheesecakes

A quarter of a pd of sweet Almonds one ounce of bitter, beat them with a little Sack put to it 3 yolks & one white of Eggs 1/4 a pd of fine Sugar 3 Spoonfulls of Cream bake 'em in a quick Oven beat it well.

Cheese Cakes

Take a quart of Cream boyled with a stick of Cinamon, a blade of Mace, 1/4 of a pd of butter, & put it in, take it of the fire, & Set it to Cool, take the Yolks of 10 Eggs the Whites of 4 a Spoonfull of Flour, then mix all these together, & set them over the Charcoal fire, 'till they be the thickness of a Custard, sweeten it to yr tast, put in some Orange flower Water, if you put in Currants you must make it thicker or they will Settle to the bottom.

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Puddings &

A Seed Cake

Dry a pd & 1/4 of flour then rub into it a pd of butter, break into it 12 Eggs 1/2 a pd of Sugar, set it down to the fire & beat it up till 'tis as light as a Cream then put in 3/4 of a pd of Carraway Comfits & put it into yr pan an hour will bake it.

Carraway Cakes

A pd of fine flour, 1/2 a pd of Butter, rub the Butter well in the flour, with a tight hand, then take 6 spoonfulls of Cream 8 Eggs, leaving out 4 whites. strain them thro' a Seive into the flour, then mix it into a pretty stiff past & set it before the fire 'till it is well raised put 1/4 of a pd of Carraways into yr past, & 1/4 a pd more over yr Cakes when you have made them, bake them in a quick Oven.

Portugal Cakes

Take 1/2 a pd of flour, 2 pd of Butter, 2 pd of Currants, 2 pd of fine Sugar, 9 Eggs 4 of the Whites, mix all well together with 4 Spoonfulls of Orange flower water, put them into pans & bake them.

An ordinary Plumb Cake

Rub a pd of butter into 1/2 a peck of Flower, 3 pd of Currants 1/2 a pd of Sugar 1/4 of an Ounce of Spice, a little Salt, put to it a pt of Cream or Milk just Warm, 1/4 of a pt of Sack, 5 Eggs, a pt of good Ale Yeast, mix it well together, & set it before a good fire to rise, set it in a moderate Oven 3 hours, if you make 1/2 the quantity 2 hours will bake it, it will keep 3 months.

Shrewsbury Cakes

Take a pd of dry'd flour, 1/2 a pd of fine sugar beat very fine, 1/2 a pd of butter, 1 Egg well beat, mix it all well together, that there be no Lumps of ye Butter, moukd it & rowl it out in little Cakes. Cut them out with a jagging-Iron, bake them in a moderate Oven. you may add rose water or sack.

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(33) Puddings &

Ginger Bread

Two quarts of dry'd flour, half a pd. of white sugar, 2 ounces of carraway seeds & 2 of coriander, well beat & sifted, 1 ounce of ginger beat very fine, 1/4 of a pd. of candid orange & citron, mix these dry ingredients together, then take 1/2 a pd. of butter melt it in a little cream, a pd. & 1/2 of treacle, make a hole in your flour & pour in your treacle wash out the pot with the butter & cream mix it well together & let it stand in a cool place to stiffen about an hour. then make it up into little cakes not to thick, it must be prick'd & baked upon tin sheets or double paper well butter'd & flour'd, beat the white of an egg & when they are going into the oven dip a few feathers in it & rub 'em over.

Tea Cakes

A pd. of flour, 1/4 a pd of sugar, 1/4 of a pd. of butter, melt the butter in water & mix it to a paste, add seeds as you like.

Little Plumb Cakes

Take 1/2 a pd. of sugar, 1/2 a pd. of butter, 1/2 a pd. of flour, mix 'em all well together, then take 2 eggs & the yolk of a third beat 'em well & mix all together with 2 spoonfuls of sack; then take a pd. of currants pick'd & wash'd very clean & make 'em hot over the fire. Mix all together.

Ratafie Bisketts

Beat half a pd. of bitter almonds with a little orange flower water, beat the whites of 6 eggs & put to yr almonds by degrees. then take a pd. of fine sugar sifted & work it in. Drop it upon writing paper.

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(34) Puddings

To make Pease Pudding

Split the pease and wash them tie them up in cloth as yo do other puddings Boyl them about 3 quarters of ann hour them untye 'em and brise them with a spoon in the cloth and put to them a piece of butter and a little salt tye it up again and boil it about half an hour or 3 quarters more serve it up as other puddings melted butter over it

a Good Pudding

TAke neats foot thats boiled very well as mnuch beef suet cut fine season with salt and nutmeg mace put in as manty currants as you llike and sweeten it to your tast take as may eggs as youn think will bind it putn in but half the whites with a little sack beat it together very well wet the cloth and flower it tye it up close boil it untill done then dish it up with the sack and eggs sugar and butter beat and put over it.

Orange pudding

A quarter of a pound of dried bread greated a eggs, a piece of butter mix these with the mammalot and put it in the dish with puff past under it and bake it

A Gusbury Tansey

Scald the Gusberrys pulp and stran them mix it with some cream eggs and sugar as you would for fool and then fogit, tis a very good one

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