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Creams &
To make Calves foot Jelly
Put four Calves feet and a quarter of a pound of Hartshorn
Shavings into about six quarts of Spring Water let it boyl till it is
Consum'd to two quarts then strain it from the feet, & when it is quite
Cold cut the fat of ye top & the settling from the bottom, & to a quart
of this Jelly you must have a Pint of Mountain Wine & near a
Pint of sherry or moselle Wine, the Juice of four fine Lemons ye Whites
of twelve Eggs beat to froth above haulf a pound of Sugar, if ye Jelly be
very stiff almost a pint of water of less as you see it proper, water helps
to Brighten & clear your Jelly, you must make ye Jelly after ye following
manner first set ye Jelly on a melt then it oil up and put in ye Lemon Juice
but you must put ye juice in boiling hot if you have anything of Silver
it is the best to boil the Juice in Let your Jelly have one boil after ye
have put ye juice in then take a littel in a bason & run it through ye
Jelly Bag that you may tast if it want anymore of any of the Ingredients
[] thus thickens the Bag then fill you Jelly bagg halg full and put in
the peel of a Lemon or mrore if you like it yello, fill your bag & put back
what runs out for severall times till you see it looks perfectly Clear.
your Jelly Bagg must be made of Double Linnin not very fine, put
a whole Egg in ye bottom of the bag it makes it run better& Clearer
First wash your Egg.

Floating Island
Tkae the pulp of apple or gooseberries about ye value of there large
Spoonfulls, put to it the whites of two Eggs sweeten it to your tast it
it is not tast enough put in a little juice of Lemon, beat it in a deep
pan for an hour and half then heap it up upon a dish as high as you can &
pour as much Cream round it as you like, you may make it of Currant
Jelly, or Rapsberries jam, but two Spoonfulls of either will be sufficient, it
should be beat very high.

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