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Creams &
Spanish Butter
Take a Qt. of Cream & 2 quarts Milk a blade or two of Mace,
boyle it together then stir it till it is almost Cold, & let it stand in an
Earthen pan a day & a night then scum off the Cream & sweeten it
& put in a little Orange Flower WAter, & beat it with a Whisk.

Snow Cream
Break the Whites of 6 Eggs, put there to a little Rose or Orange
flower Water, beat them well together with a bunch of feathers, till they
resemble Snow, then lay the said Snow in heaps upon Cream that
is cold, put under yr. Cream in the bottom of the Dish, part of a penny
loaf, & stick therein a branch of Rosemary or bays, & fill yr. tree with
the said Snow, the Cream must be sweetend to yr. tast.

Rice Cream
Take 3 spoonfulls of Rice flower, as much Sugar, the yolks of
2 Eggs two Spoonfulls of Orange Flower Water, mix alltogehter
with a pint of Cream Stir it over the fire will tis thick pour it into
China Cups.

Almond Leech
Take an ounce & 1/2 of Iseing glass, pull it in small peices, & put it
into Water 3 or 4 hours to soften it, then put it into 3 pts. of Milk with
Lemon peels cut thin & 3 blad's of mace a peice of ginger sliced, a bout
half a pd. of Loaf Sugar, boyle them all gently 1/2 an hour, stirring it
all the While one way then pour into the boyling Liquor 3 spoonfulls
of Sack or Orange flower Water, & the grated peel of a Seville Orange
& 1/4 of a pd. of blanched Alomnds finely beaten then let them boyle 1/2
an hour stirring them one way all the while then Strain yr juice of a
Seville Orange into it then pass it thro' a fine Seive or Muslin & stir it
one way till almostCold, when quite cold put it in wt. form you please.

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