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Put 3 handfuls of Oatmeal ground small into 2 quarts of Water, let it
steep a day & a night, then pour off the Clear water & put the same quantity
of fresh Water to it & strain it thro' a hair Seive, boyle it 'till tis as thick
as hasty pudding stir it all the while that it may be extreamly smooth &
when you first strain it out before you set it in on the fire put in one spoonfull of
Sugar & 2 of Orange flower Water, when it is boyld enough pour it into
Shallow Dishes.

Pistatia Cream
Take half of pd. of Pistatia nuts, break & blanch them, beat all except
one Dozen which you must keep to Slice, & lay at top of the Cream,
beat the Kernels in a little milk then put them into a pint of Cream
with the youlks of 2 Eggs, sweeten it with fine Sugar & to this quantity
put a Spoonfull of the Juice of Spinage stamp'd & strained, set all
this over the fire let it just boyle, & when you send it up toe Sliced kernels on the top, you may put one White of an Eggs

Lemon Curd
As at Court Take a pt. of thick Cream & when it boyls put in 6 whites of Eggs &
one Lemon & a half, then stir it 'till it comes to a tender Curd, then put it
into a holland bag & let it drain 8 hours till all the Whey be run out, then
beat the Curd in a Mortar & put to it a little Sugar, put it into a bason to
Shape it, let it stand an hour, then turn it out & pour thick Cream over it.

Whip'd Cheese
Strain the Juice of 2 Lemons thro' a muslin, sweeten it put to it a pint of Cream
whip it with a Whisk 'till it is thick, & put it in a peice of muslin in a Sieve
& let it stand all night then turn it upside down on a plate.

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