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Creams &
To make french Curd
as at Court
Take a pt. of Cream, a pt. of new Milk, 3 or 4 Sticks of Cinamon,
boyle them togehter, then take it off & let it stand 'till tis almost cold,
sweeten to your tast with double refined Sugar, put in a glass of Sack,
& the quantity of two spoonfulls of Runnet that is not too salt, if it should
be salt put in less, let it stand to come to a Cheese that take a little Cream
& sack, a little Lemon peal, sweeten it with double refined Sugar to you taste,
then beat it up with a Wisk & scum the froth off, put it in a Seive to drain
the Milk out, then take a little of the froth & put over the Cheese.

Burnt Cream
Beat the yolks of 4 or 5 Eggs very well & put as much flour into them as will
lye upon a Shilling, as you beat them pour in by degrees a pint of Milk or
Cream put to it some preserves Citrone or Orange, minced Small, some
Alomnd or Pistatia nuts with a little orange flower Water, that done
put the Cream upon a hot stove, Stirring it about that it does not Stick
to the bottom when it is done enough, pour it into a Shallow China Dish,
then put it over a hot Stove 'till it sticks to the brim of the Dish, but while
this is doing, you must hold a red hot Iron or Shovell over it, that it may be
a gold Coulor, strew it over with fine Sugar & lay Candid Citron round ye
brim of the Dish.

To make harts horn Flomery
Boyl half a pt. of hartshorn in 4 quarts of Water 'till it comes to 1 qt. or
less, let it stadn all night then beat & blanch a quarter of a pound of
Almonds, melt the Jelly & mix the Almonds with it strain it thro a thin
Strainer, or hair sieve, then put in a quarter of a pt. of Cream, a little
Cinamon, a blade of mace, boyle these together & sweeten it, put it
in China Cups, when you use it turn it out of the Cups & eat it with Cream.

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