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Puddings &
A Millett Pudding

Take a pd. of Millet, Ditto of Butter, a pound of Sugar, a quart of
Milk, mix them & put them in a butter'd Dish & bake it

A Carrot Pudding
Take a large Red Carrot, grate it fine, a penny worth of bread
grated, a little sack, 8 Eggs leaving yr. whites of 4. Set one the fire
1/2 a pt. of Milk & Stir into it 3/4 of a pd. of Butter. mix them all together
when pretty warm, grate in some nutmeg, & sweeten it, butter yr. Dish
& put it in the Oven

To Make an Orange Pudding
Take the Rinds of 2 Large Seville Oranges pared very thin
hald a pound of Sugar finely beaten, 3 quarters of a pd. of Butter
yr. yolks of 12 Eggs, beat the Orange & butter together, putting in
the Sugar a little at a time till all is in, then put in the yolks
of 12 Eggs beat, & beat them all together till they are well incorporated
then role a puff past very thin, & lay it in the bottom of the Dish
& put the pudding in, then cut some Strips of past & lay Cross them,
half an hour will bake it.

To make Oranges into Puddings
Take 6 Seville Oranges. Grate off the Outside rind. cut a small hole on
the top & scoop out the inside, take care not to break them, boyle them in a large
Sauce pan of Water, & Shift the Water once, Let them boyle 'till they are
tender. then take 3 pints of Water, 6 Apples quarter'd, & a pd. of Sugar, boile
all these together. Strain out the Apples & boile up the Oranges in this Liquor
till they are Clear turning them often, then take the inside of the Oranges &
force it thro' a Seive, sweeten it to yr. taste take the yolks of 5 Eggs Carefully
takeing out the treads, mix them with the Pulp, almost fill yr. Oranges with this
then put them in a pan with yr. Liquor they were boyled up in, & bake em in a quick Oven for [1/2] an hour.

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