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Take the lean part of a Leg of Veal
without the least fat or skin
Cut it in thin Slices take a Couple
of moderate siz'd Turnips,, pare &
cut them in slices; and Lay them
a Layer of Veal and a Layer of Turnip
in an earthen jarr, till the Jarr is full,
then cover it Close, till the whole is melting
the Jarr must be set in a pan of Water
over the Fire there must be no Water
put with the Veal &c., when it is suffici-
ently melted, strain it off, and if the
Stomach is too Weak to bear it, there

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Hi JannyP,
You used the closed tag for line breaks where "Sufficiently" breaks across the line.
I think the particular convention for that would be this one.
Hope it helps!
"Line Breaks: Hit return once after each line ends. Two returns indicate a new entry/paragraph break. If a word breaks across a line, place the hyphen, equal sign, or other word splitting character in a soft break tag:"
So there would be a dash between the ">" and "<" after "no"


Hello Stittches - Thank you very much for that. As you could probably tell I was having great difficulty understanding the Transcription Convention for hyphenated words at the end of a line! Nice explanation. Thank you Jannyp