Smith College: Wren, Christopher, Sir, 1632-1723. [Letter] 1676 Jun. 1 To my Lord High Treasurer (1676) (MiscMS 781)

Wren writes his opinion concerning a building to be erected by Thomas Elliot on a piece of land (formerly His Majesty’s privy garden) owned by the Crown. The privy garden was attached to "his Maj.s old palace of Newmarket." The Lord High Treasurer at the time of his letter was Thomas Osborne, at the time the 1st Viscount Latimer (later known as the Earl of Danby and then as the Duke of Leeds).


Needs Review


Report upon Mr Elliots petition

Mr Elliot 2.

Chrisr Wren

To my Lord High Treasurer

In obedience to Your Lordspps Reference upon the Petition of Thomas Elliot Esqr I have considered the situation & dimensions of a peece of ground (now a [vacant] Yard) whereon formerly stood his Majesties [old] palace of Newmercate & the Privy garden belonging to the same; & the ground desired by the Petitioner for terme of yeares to build thereon is the said Privy garden, containing in length about 145 foot , & in breadth about 90 foot, and likewise a peece of ground to be taken out of the remainder of the said yard, and to containe 80 foot square, & to be joyned to the said {this should be [south]} Garden at the West end of the same & ranging with {and this [west]} the South wall of the said ground, [&] butting on the same wall, [And] upon inquiry I have not beene informed of any considerable use or employment of the said [parsells] of ground for his Majesties present service, all wch notwithstanding is humbly submitted to your Lordsps considerason

Chr: Wren

June 1st 1676

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