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To our right trusty and welbiloued
the Lord North our Lieutenannt
of our County of Cambridge

By the Quene

Elizabeth R

Right trustie and welbeloved we grete you well. Forasmuche as our
right trustie and right entirely beloued cousin the Duke of Norfolk
our Lieutennante generall in the northe now residinge upon oure
frontieres at oure towne of Barwick hathe not with him suche a
convenient power as is mete for the [savetie] of oure sayd frontieres
and defence of our Realme against the attempts and practises
of the frenche and that we meane for our owne honor and for a
suretie specially of that parte of our Realme to haue a further
nomber sent to him. We have by advyse of oure couns[?]
resolved to [have] the nomber of two hundred hable foot men
for the warre, to be levied wt all speede in that our countie of
Cambridge And therefore we will and commannd [yow (all]
delayes set aparte[)] by auctority of theas our [l?] to levye, or cause
to be levied within that our countie as well within places exempted
as other whatsoever they be the number of two hundred
footemen and to be sent to our said cousin wt all speede, for choyse whereof y shall cause regard to be hadd
specially to these thinges followinge. First, that they may
be of the ablest and strongest persons, and that they so be not
made of husbandmen, or laborers [Where] otherwise, that same
may be made of servinge men artificers and yomen that be
not occupied in husbandry with there owne hand labors /
And finally to [foresee], that mete and hable men be not
spared or discharged by favor or awarde to be gevin to the
captaines or others that shall muster them And for choyse
of captaines our pleasure is that the charge hereof be committed
to somme of our trustie and welbeloved knightes or [Esquyers]
of that countie beinge of [woorshippe] estimacion and [creditt?]
to leade suche nomber as ye shall [thinke] mete to assigne
to their charge Whereof we requyre you to certefye us that
we may retayne them and their service in our good [memory]
Requyring the same also in our name not to spare any
travaile, or labor in this case of service wt our said cousin
of Norfolk, our Lieutennant, the same beinge for the [?acion]
of this oure Realme from violation, or invasion by the
Frenche wch they have of late tyme most [?ously]
and daungerously devised to execute this present [somer], if
resistance had not ben, and were not provided in good tyme
And for money for cartes and conduct, ye shall [receav ?]
herewith by oure commanndemet from our [treasurer] of
England to [our ?], or [suche others as shall s? the]
same satisfied and contented And if it shall
happen that the said number cannot all be [furnyshed]
withe armor and weapons in that countie, then the

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