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The. xth weeke. of the quarter. ended the iiith of Iune 1613

Venet Valett Expence. Valett Remanett
Stronge beere . . iho
Smale beere iivibr xxxs. iibr di xiis vid viiibr di
Clarett wine iii quartes xviiid iiiquartes xviiid nl
A vessell of Alle xxiiid i xxiiid nl i
Alligante a pinte & di ixd a pinte & di ixd nl
wine veneger di a pinte id ob di a pinte id ob nl
Manchett - vic xiid vic xviiid nl
fine cheate - . xiic xviiid xiic xviiid nl
Corse cheate xxxs vs vid xxxc vs vid nl
breade boughte id . id nl
Some xxiiiis xd ob
fresh butter from vpton
. vili }
iis vid vili iis vid nl
Saulte butter . iili viiid .nl
Egges - xxx .xvid xxx xvid nl
Some iiiis vid
heaberdines - nl .nl iiii iis Cix
A place . vid i vid nl
A samon troute iis viiid i iis viiid nl
Some vs iid
Beefe xii viili at xxiid
the Stone }
xxiiis viid
more at xxd the stone
vii stone iili }
xiis id } xx stone ili xxxvs viiid nl
Motten ix Ioyntes xiis ix Io xiis nl
Veale a hinde quartr iiis a quartr iiis nl
Calves feete - ii iid ii nl nl
Cockes - ii iis viiid i xvid i
Chickens. viii vis iiid viii vis iiid nl
hearbes & Routes viid herbes viid nl
A Rabett ixd i ixd nl
Milcke iid milcke iid nl
Creame - di pinte iid Creame di pinte iid nl
veneger iiid
barley di a pecke vd di a pecke iivd nl
Condett watter vid watter vid nl
yeste iiiid yeaste . iiiid nl
Some iiili is iid
Some of the farrayne disbursmentes xxxixs viiid ob
Some vS
Some of the disbursmentes for rewardes this weeke iis vid nl
Some vS.
Some of the Expenes for grosery this weeke xxiid nl
Some vS
Sises - .iili iiis dili .ixd iili
white Lightes iili ixd ili iiid ob ili
Some xiiisd .ob
heaye xii trusse
at xiiid the trusse }
xiiis vitrusse vis vid nl vitr
Strawe - nl .nl iitr viiid nl
provender iiiis iiiis nl
Some xis iid
ffaggettes iiC xviiis xv xvd Ciiiixx xiii
Charcolles - nl . iiisac iis vid xisa
Seacolles di a chathern viiis viiibu iiis vid xbu

Some Totalle
of this weekes
Expencis is } viil. xixs. iiid ob

The .xith weeke of. the quarter. ended. the xth of Iune 1613

Venett Valett Expence Valua Remanett
Stronge beere . nl . . . iho
Smale beere nl nl iiibr di xvs iiiibr di
Clarett wine v pintes
& a halfe }
xvid ob a pinte vid nl
Canary wine a pinte vid a pinte vid nl
Alle - a vessell ii bottell iiiid iis vd ii bottell iiiid nl ii vessell
wormewood beere iiiid ii bottell iiiid nl
Manchett - vic xiid vic xiid nl
fine cheate - xiic xiiiid xiic xiiiid nl
Corse cheate xxxc vis xxxc xvis nl
freshe butter frome
vpton iiiili }
xxd iiiili xxd nl
Saulte butter . iiiili xvid nl
Egges xviii viiid xviii viiid nl
Some iiis viiid
hea.ber dines iiii iis nl
pearches - ii viid viid viid nl
A smale troute . iiiid i iiiid nl
Soles ii pare . xiid ii pares xiid nl
A place . iiiid i iiiid nl
Lobsters - ii is xd ii is xd nl
Some vis id
Beefe xxi stone iiiili
at xxd the stone }
xxxvs. ixd xxi stone iiiili at xxxvs ixd nl
Mutten - viii Ioyntes . xs xd viii Io. xs xd nl
Veale a hinde quarter iiis vid a hinde quarte iiis vid nl
Neates feete iii vid ixd iii vid ixd nl
A Calves foote id i id nl
A Live cocke xvd i xvd i
A pullite xvid i xvid nl
Rabettes - ii xviiid ii xviiid nl
Chickens - viii vis iid vi iiiis vid ii
Strabers iii pintes viiid iii pintes viiid nl
Routes & herbes. . vid ob vi iiiis vid nl
hartichokes - ii vd ii hartichokes vd nl
veneger iii quartes vid iii quartes vid nl
Senomon a ouns. iiiid a ouns. iiiid nl
watter viiid watter viiid nl
yesaste iiiid yeaste iiiid nl
Baye saulte a bushell xiiid .. a bushell xiiid nl
white saulte a bushell . xvid a bushell xvid nl
Lambe a quartr xviiid i Io ixd a loyn ba
pippenes iid . iid nl
Some iiili vis iiid
Some of the ffarrayne Charges this weeke xiis iid nl
Some of the disbursmentes in Rewardes this weeke iis nl
white Lightes iili ixd ili iiiid ob iili
Sises - nl nl dili ixd ili dili
Some xiiid ob
heaye - nl i viitr .vis vid nl
provender - nl .iiiis provendr iiiis nl
Some xs vid
ffaggettes - nl nl xv xvid Clxxviii
Charcolles - nl nl iiisa iis vid viiisa
Seacolles - nl nl xbu vs nl
Some viiis xd

Some Totalle of
this weekes
Expencis is } vili xvis iiiid

Notes and Questions

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Sara Schliep

Line 70: Appears to be an insertion for "a vessell" in addition to the ii bottells, which were used, leaving ii vessell. In the insertion I'd expect a long-i if those strokes were two minims for "ii" but the math doesn't track unless it's "ii" instead of "a".

Sara Schliep

Line 95: Compare the penultimate "r" in "Strawbers" with the terminal "r" in line 98 (veneger); this is close to an attested spelling for strawberries in the OED (strawberes) whereas "strawbees" is not found.

Sara Schliep

Line 104: Compare terminal r in "quartr" to terminal "e" in "saulte" in line 103 - does not appear to be a difference in formation of the letter (cf. also comment on lines 95 and 98); must rely on context.

Sara Schliep

Line 104: Unable to figure out what "ba" refers to following "loyn" (i.e., loin) in 4th column. The term "backstrap" for a loin cut is far too modern (early 2000s) and doesn't even appear in OED yet, so it is not that.