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May 12th 1909 Minutes of Club Council
The regular business meeting of the "Club
Council" was held on the morning of
May, 12th at the residence of Mrs. Shackleford.
Mrs. Cay presiding. Those present were
[Mesclarnes?] Cay, Shackleford, Lewis, Dawkius,
Levy and Miss Blake.
Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.
Treas. Report Treasurer reported $58.02 in First Nat. Bank,
incliding $674.20 from facing the music,
and $515.75 in savings Bank, for Club House
Lot Fund.
Finance [?] Mrs/ Dawkins reported $54.20 as net pro-
ceeds from the play, Facing the Music, given
by the Dramatic Club Fund the [Amaus] Club.
Mrs. Cay reported after the expenses of $22.50
were paid for the Ellen Beach [Yarv?] concert,
the club is still in debt for $11.10
Kindergarten Teacher. Mrs. Shackleford reported that the kinder garten
teacher Miss McConnell will not return, she
suggested the name of Miss Rowe. Resolved that
Mrs. Shackleford communicate with Miss Rowe in
view of having her take charge of the kinder-
garten for next year.
Civic Com. Mrs. Felkel not being present her report
was read by Mrs. Shackleford which stated a
meeting with some members of the civic
committee and Mr. Leo Perkins, by appointment
Mr. Perkins money for Cemetery work to any
[?] all incorporated organization [?]
as a cemetery organization after discussion
resolved, place this matterbefore the club.
Mrs. Shackleford suggested that the vacancy
in the council caused by the absences [?]
of Miss Mary Lewis be filled. Moved and
seconded that this vacancy be filled.

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