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talents concentrated on that project of
your own choosing,—within your com-
munity,— that would best advance the
welfare of people. With the launching
of Satellite mirrors, community life
will be reflected around the globe.

In order that you will not have your
energies diverted from this over-all objective,
during this Administration, the
General Federation will not ask you
for any donations to any cause, any
agency or any charity, however worthy
and splendid it may be.
And we have
supported many excellent projects in the past.

* * * * *
But the perspective for these ensuing
two years will be focused on community
betterment through community
service . . . and in implementation of
this, we will continue our highly successful
and effective program in cooperation
with Sears Roebuck Foundation,
the Communiity Improvement Program.
I hope that you will encourage
all your clubs to join this admirable
community effort.

So, for the two years ahead of us, I
ask you to take back to your clubs the
theme: Build With Youth for a Better
Let it be a gentle guide for the
work that you and your clubmembers
will undertake during this period. Let
the Pioneer Woman remind you of
yourself and your limitless potentials.
Let her inspire you, so that you, in
turn, will inspire all those with whom
you work.

* * * * *
To rebuild and increase membership
will be a major goal of this administration.
Today when so many of our
women are working outside of the
home, it is my wish that every club in
the General Federation will organize
an evening section to accommodate
members who work during the day.

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[column 2]

This will also be a fertile field for the
procurement of new members.

It is also my hope that clubs will
look into the matter of organizing Sub-Junior
Clubs as a number of states
have done. These clubs are composed
of high school age girls and they have
been most successful.

Two great dangers in membership
face the General Federation—the "Senior
Fall Out" and the "Junior Drop
Out." We have a great responsibility
to encourage and hold on to our Junior
membership. They in turn have a great
responsibility to increase their membership
and to organize new clubs. They
are the life lines of the Federation.

There is such an urgency to plan
prudently and well to insure a growing
membership and wrest control of the
future from chance. How else can we
cope with poisoned air and polluted
water? How better can we meet the
requirements of strangling transportation
and communication limitations,
population boom, diminishing water

* * * * *
You, clubwomen, as community figures
of importance, must accept this
charge and this challenge!

* * * * *
According to General Federation tradition,
plans are in the making for a
Good Will trip to follow the 1967 convention.
International conferences will
be held in Sydney, Australia, and Manila,
Philippines. The itinerary includes
Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia,
Philippines, Hong Kong and
Japan. Folders giving details will be
mailed to all clubs in the near future.

Great things can only be accomplished
by imaginative, creative leaders.
A community is the lengthened
shadow of its prime movers. It is not
the location or the climate . . . it is
the people and the pride of the people
that mark the community for greatness
and success.

I like best what a former President

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[column 3]

of the United States said: "Though the
task ahead is not easy, it is exciting.
For our cause is a sacred cause. Our
fight is the fight of God-fearing men
against godless communism. Our business
is the unfinished business of the
world. It is the business of making

"For the making of peace is the
noblest work of God-fearing man. It
is the righteous way. And 'righteousness
exalteth a nation'."



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strength to influence legislation and
governmental activity; the ability to
speak with one voice on important
questions, as well as a better understanding
of the different areas of the
country and the world, through friendship
with women of these areas.

Hear what an early club president
said in 1896 when her club was celebrating
its 16th anniversary: "What
have we gained by our membership in
the Women's Club? A habit of working
together; an appreciation of people
whose social and other relations differ
from our own; a higher intellectual
standing; a study of questions to which
our attention might not otherwise have
been called, resulting in the formation
of definite opinions and a confidence
in expressing our views; a quickened
interest in the questions of the day; an
increasing tolerance, greater thoroughness
in our work; a mental sitmulus
which no mere reading could supply;
a close touch with other bodies of
earnest women throughout the land."

This president gave the value of of club
membership. Hear [[Charlotte Emerson
Brown]], first GFWC president, speak
for Federation:

"No great cause in politics, business,
religion, or reform ever permanently
prospered that was not organized. And
women's clubs could not. Suppose that
there had been no General Federation.
Each club would be working on in its
own rut, careless of others, and well
satisfied with small things; there would
be no broad general plan, no rallying
center, no coming together for consultation
and comparison of methods, no
common fellowship and central bond
of union. I do not see how any woman's
club, strong or weak, that is earnest,
sympathetic, and progressive in spirit
and life, can consent to remain outside
the federated life."

These words of the early leaders are
just as pertinent now as they were then.

September, 1966, General Federal Clubwoman

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