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The Author was so pleased with the country in the neighborhood of Cincinnati, and convinced of its eligibility, in every respect, for the residence of persons of limited property, that he purchased an extensive estate with a handsome house there, within a mile of the city, to which he is about to retire with his family. The spot is so beautiful and salubrious, and affords such facilities for the erection of pleasurable dwellings, with gardens to them, that, on his arrival in England, with a survey of the estate, he engaged Mr. John B. Papworth, the architect, to lay out the most beautiful part of it as a town of retirement, to be called Hygeia, as shown in the plan exhibited in the front of this volume. This will enable persons desirous of establishing themselves in this abundant and delightful country, to do so at a very moderate expense.

Mr. Bullock returns to this estate immediately, and application may be made to Mr. Papworth, 10, Caroline Streer, Bedford Square, where the plan and model of the spot may be seen.

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