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It will be perceived that the account of Cincinnati, contained in this work, is written by Messrs. Drake and Mansfield, in 1827, and that they have used much of the information before published by Dr. Drake, in 1815, and whose anticipations in favour of the place were fully realized in the interim. The work is so accredited, as exhibiting the actual state of the place of which it treats, that the author of the present volume has purposely inserted it, instead of relying on his own observations merely, and which might be supposed to be influenced by the favourable impression that the place made upon him. Convinced of the accuracy of the account by Messrs. Drake and Mansfield, he lays it before the public, as likewise his purposed intention of forming a rural town in its immediate vicinity, with full confidence, that those persons who may choose to seek a cheap, agreeable, and healthful retreat in that part of the world, will not be dissapointed.

The generalized plan of the United States of America, represents the relative situations of Cincinnati and Hygeia, and it will be found, on inspection, that they are placed in the very heart of the country, and possessing much greater advantages towards increasing prosperity, than is to be found in any other part of the country.

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