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Pleasant Hill Tuesday Febr 6th 1816

part 2nd

Tuesday 6
This day * with James Gass and
Micajah *enett to take the
mianders of shawnee run

Wednesday 7
Stephen Manire
John Varis
this day I finishd a brace for William Sheldo
Note this Stephen Manire finish'd
his shering Machine

Thursday 8
Abram Wilhite
this day John Voris son set out for shelby
well I must confess that I have
give cuff a lift this day
Note this day Abram Wilhite returnd
home from bullet

Friday 9
John South
I shall not mention any thing about
my own work for the present
this day John South sharpened his spirits
so mutch as to leave this sosiety

Saturday 10
Zacheriah Burnett
Peter Green
Joseph Measuer
Efraigm Steele
this day Zacheriah burnett and Peter green
moovd from the west to the senter family
Gate this day Joseph Micarver and Ephraim
steele made their first bending of half
bushels after working at it several weeks

Monday 12
Tylor Baldwin
this day Tylor Baldwin set out for lexington

Tuesday 13
John varis senior
this day John Varis returnd home

Wednesday 14
Tylor Baldwin
this day Tylor Baldwin returnd
home from Lexington

Monday 19
M. Thomas
Joseph Runyon
this is the first day that I have been
at bussiness for almost 2 weeks on acount
of inibilitys this day I set out to work
at the grissmill and spent the day in
gitting saw logs
Note this day Joseph Runyon went to
Frankfort with the wagon to sell

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