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Pleasant hill Friday January 26
part 2
Friday 26
this day I Being unwell done but little
Saturday 27
M, Thomas
Jo danville
this morning at 6 ocl I set out for danville
and just at 9 ariv'd their I spent the day
till 4 PM - before I left that place
I bought the following articles "viz"
3 files at 50 cts per peace $1.50 one stick bottle
green twist at 12 1/2 cts one doz of wheel-irons
at $4 one gros inch and quarter screws at $1
one bed cord at 25 cts 12 1/2 pounds of copper at
40 cts per pound $5
Jon Bryant
s hooser
B Miner
Patsy Roberts
Note this day John Bryant samuel Hooser
and the sisters return'd home from madison
Monday 29
Samuel harris
John Badjett
this day I wraught at turning for Machiens
Note this day samuel Harris moovd from
the river to the East family and from
thence moovd John Badjett to the river.
Tuesday 30
This day I turnd 6 file handles for
Jonah and the ballance of the day turnd
Machiene stuff
Wednesday 31
this day I repaird wheels for the senter fam
part 2nd
Pleasant hill Fbr thursday 1ist 1816
Thursday 1ist
William Haris
this day I repair'd a little wheel for the senter family
and tur'nd 6 file handles for father
Note this william harris return'd home from the [?]
Friday 2
this AM I went to samuel denny's to get some
chary timber of him and returnd home by the saw
mill and got home at 12 ocl and in having
a prodedious [prodigious] pain [??] [back?] and head was enti-
erly disabled from anny hand labour
Abram Wilhite
Note this day Abram wilhite set out for
the salt works
saturday 3
this day I laid by with sickness
Monday 5
it is all most nedles [almost needless] for me to keep a journal
of my work as I am partly laid up with pains
and sickness this day I done about as mutch
as a good hand would do in one hour

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