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Status: Needs Review

ticularly as to its fiscal concerns ; in conformity with this requi-
sition, the board of Trustees appointed the undersigned commit-
tee to lay before the committee of the Legislature, the monthly
accounts and vouchers, and the general account of the Treasu-
rer, from the 1st December, 1823, until the 1st of September,
11824, which were examined by said committee, who desired a
transcript of the general account to be furnished to them, which
is stated above, including also the stock account. From which
it will be seen, that the stock of the University is as follows:
Real estate 57,450
Library, &c. 20,000
Bank stock, 12,870
Due from the Bank of the Commonwealth 2,331
Old debts, (these are of little value,) 9,106
Besides, the Morrion donation is 20,000

There yet remains due to the United States, Bank $5,775,
which will in part be discharged by the balance stated above due
from the Commonwealth's Bank. The current expenditure
for law books is evidenced by the accompanying exhibit, mar-
ked H. which we wish taken as part of this report.

The expenditure of the present year, will be as follows:
The President's salary, in Commonwealth's paper, $3,000
Professor of Mathematics, ($1,000 specie,) 2,000
Professor Roche, 1,200
Principal of the Preparatory Department, 800
Librarian, 300
Clerk, 200
Treasurer, 200
Porter, 150

The resources to meet the expenses are as follow:
Say 100 Students at $60 each, $6,000
20 Preparatory Department, 800
Morrison donation, 2,000

Balance in favor of the University, $950, to meet contingen-
cies, discounts &c. and it is believed the number of students as
usual, will be greater in December. We refer to President
Holley's report, and beg it to be recieved as part of this report.


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