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If the kingdom of God does not immediately appear,
according to our layings out, we ought not to imagine
that God is slack concerning his promise. Men may
alter and fail but God cannot. Therefore all who have
received light from God to see the approaching glory of
Zion, in this latter day, may rest assured that not one
tittle of what God has revealed shall fail.
Let none imagine that Christ delayeth his coming,
and from thence take occasion to bury their talent, to
hide and conceal what they have manifestly received
of God ; for the day is near when he will reckon with
each one according to what they have received, and re-
quire his own with usury. From all who have received
any measure of divine truth and power, God does ex-
pect an increase of the fame : and to be five fold, or ten
fold more deeply immersed in what the world have
been accustomed to call enthusiasm, than at first, will
be no unfavorable situation at the day of final reckon-
such as have been warped aside from the light in
which they once stood, may now view the Observations
very differently from what they would when they were
first written. But if the should now be unable to com-
prehend the pattern ; must if not be 'a vexation to un-
derstand the report.' when the substance comes forward.
According to the saying of the prophet --" If thou hast
run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee ; then
how canst thou contend with horses ? ---and if in the land
of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they have wearied thee ;
then what wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan ? JE -
REMIAH xii, 5.

For further information respecting this publi-
cation, those who have opportunity may enquire of

Turtle Creek, June 15, 1807.

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