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were at the same time sent to the governors of the
Orleans and Mississippi territories, and to the com-
manders of the land and naval forces there, to be on
their guard agains surprize, and in constant readi-
ness to resist any enterprize which might be attempt-
ed on the vessels, posts, or other objects under their
care : and on the eighth of November, instructions
were forwarded to the general Wilkinson, to hasten an
accomodation with the Spanish commandant on the
Sabine, and as soon as that was effected, to fall back
with his principal force to the hither bank of the Mis-
sissippi, for the defence of the interesting points on
that river. By a letter received from that officer on
the twenty-fifth of November, but dated October
twenty-first, we learnt that a confidential agent of
Aaron Burr, had been deputed to him, with commu-
nications, partly written in cypher, and partly oral,
explaining his designs, exaggerating his resources,
and making such offers of emolument and command,
to engage him and the army in his unlawful enter-
prizes as he had flattered himself would be success-
ful. The general, with the honor of a soldier, and
fidelity of a good citizen, immediately dispatched a
trusty officer to me, with information of what had
passed, proceeded to establish such an understanding
with the Spanish commandant on the Sabine, as per-
mitted him to withdraw his force across the Missis-
sippi, and to enter on measures for opposing the pro-
jected enterprize.

The general's letter, which came to hand on the
twenty-fifth of November, as has been mentioned, and
some other information received a few days earlier,
when brought together, developed Burr's general de-
signs, different parts of which only had been revealed
to different informants. It appeared that he contem-
plated two distinct objects, which might be carried on
either jointly or separately, and either the one or the
other first, as circumstances should direct. One of these
was the severance of the union of these states by the

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