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Dear Sir,

I have but lately received yours of the 20th March - the decree obtained
by the Greens & against us I find has been made in the manner I expected - we
had no person at the trial to appear for us ; I was very much pleased when you
informed me last fall thatMr Wickham has been engaged for us, I should have
been glad he had been on our side, he would have been engaged by me with Majs.
Holmes, before I left Virginia had I not been told he was engaged against us - I was
informed that he was employed to appear for Gen Williams' children, but from what
you mention of Mr. Greens informing you that Mr Whickhams appearing for me
at the trial. I presume that Mr Wickham appeared for Gen Williams himself and
he being a Defendant with me. it will seem that he appeared generally for the
Defendant, so I have very little acquaintance with Mr. Hay. I am told he is an
ingenious Lawyer, but I think it best (unless Mr. Tucker is engaged in that suit) to consult
Majs. Holmes, and know from him whether he think Mr Hay competent to the
suit and if Majs. Holmes advises it. I think another ought to be employed directly - you
do not mention if Mr Hay has been promised the 50 Guineas offered Mr. Wickham in case
we succeeded in our claim. If such a promise has not been made I think it best
that he be promised the 50 guineas - provided we succeed in our claim.
I make no doubt but there will be an appeal against the decree of the Chancellor
if it should be against us - our own lawyer ought to take our appeal - and give notice for
you - should the Chancellor decree against us again - I think not to wait for the decree
of the appeal court but come to Virginia as soon as possible. You mention that you
had employed Mr [unclear] George Tucker to appear for us in our granted suits but do not
mention particularly the suit for the separate claim, which leaves me uncertain
whether or not he is to appear for us in that suit; because part of our suits are
at Richmond and part at Staunton, ^ a [unclear] in [unclear] and he probably does not attend both places.
If Mr Tucker undertakes our suit for the separate claim - for that suit I am disposed
to give him the same fee you promised Mr Whickham and which I expect Mr Hay to get - that is $30 in
hand and 50 guineas more in case he carries the suits then the court and we succeed.
I shall be very much pleased indeed to hear that Mr Tucker is engaged in this suit. I
have heard that he is a young man of considerable talents, and very attentive to his
profession. We are more interested in having a lawyer at the court in Richmond than
at Staunton - for all our causes will end in the court of appeals If Mr Tucker attends
the courts in Richmond. I wish you would ask him to procures from the court of Chancery
there, and from the Court of appeals - and from the District Court of [unclear], and

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