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Dear Sir,

It is a long time since we have heard from you, and you
may rest assured that we are very anxious to be informed of situation of your
family, some person {unclear} a report in this neighbourhood about Xmas, which gave
us a good deal of uneasiness, we knew that this [unclear] had been very low for a very
long time, and could ^help not placing more confidence in the report than it deserved,
for we about a month afterward heard certainly that Mrs Hite was rather better
than she had been - and I was told that there was good prospect of her recovery,
but my friend, her disorder is sometimes flattering, and we cannot help feeling
a good deal of anxiety lest as the spring comes on the disorder may prove more
unfavourable, it commonly changes as the warm weather commences; we hope it will be for the better, but fear the worst. we shall feel great anxiety indeed
until we hear from you, please gratify us by the first opportunity. The post
comes regularly to Louisville,but I so seldom receive letters from my friends
by it, that I can't help suspecting that the conveyance that way is not so certain
as might be expected. as to my own family we are all pretty well at present,
the white family have been healthy since we have been in this country (except
Isaac who was laid up for about three months, his disorder proceeded from a
bleeding at the nose, and his nose still bleeds very often, but I am in hopes he will get the
better of the complaint - we have had the measles among the negroes and several of
them have been laid up for a considerable time. I yesterday finished planting
out my orchard, and tomorrow expect to begin in the garden. The earth has been
too wet to do anything in that way untile a day or two past . I send this by
W. Thomas Bullen who I expect will call by and deliver it, and if you have received
any money for us, please send it to us by W. Bullen. I fear from the last letter
I got from you, not much has been paid you. If any you may have received
is on account of the grant, please retain your part, or the whole of whatever
it may be if you in the least want of it, for I can do very well a while
longer without. I should not wish money to be sent me to this country, but there
is a small piece of land joining me, which I expect will be for sale shortly, and if it should

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