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fatted, and making this lot about 27 dolls. dearer than a longer number of a better lot which was valued by Mr. Johnson. Mr. P however says of the estimated is wrong (which it undoubtedly is) it shall be rectified and they shall be charged at the same price at which hogs can be bought of a similar quality (they have been fed altogether on his corn) this I shall immediately ascertain. they are worth I suppose about 30 $

Be pleased to accept the draft and oblige yr affectionate son

P.S. We recd yours from Philedelphia, I am sorry you have had a return of your [], I began a letter immediately which I left to attend to this business here I shall send it by the next mail.

Mr & Mrs Prentis have been very polite to us & our neighbor Johnsons also

My love to Mother Uncle & the children

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