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Lexington, 5th March 1816
Dear Father
I have this day drawn on you at Seventy five days sight from this day for Two Hundred Sixty eight [] one hundred & Thirty of which for various purposes about the farm & which is all I think we shall require, the remain [] for the following articles
Thirty hogs weighg c 3.cts - 6g,,27
187lb old Bacon c 8 cts -- 14,,96
24 new [] -- c 8 ,, -- 1,,92
1252 [] Pork c 3 3/4 -- 46,,95
26 [] corn or 4 1/5 [] c 1 z$ -- 5,,20
Which Mr. P. wished to include- The hogs were seperated and valued by Mr. [] Johnson
to the number of 44 [] selection, he valued them at about 42. $. this was done soon after you left. But Mr. H. Prestif came down last thursday saying he wished half the hogs and such as would be fit to kill in the fall, he took them & several other which I refused to keep, these then remained to us the above thirty for which he has charged 3 cents [] which is the price of pork already

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