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These remarks are not the result of hasty and su-
perficial examination but proceed from an atten-
tive examination of a number of individuals.
What does [?] say about it. His book is
not to be seen in Lexington. In the notice
which you take of the Forest trees of your count-
try I see that you follow Marshall in calling
that before us by the old Linneaus name
of [Guidandina?]. It is now I believe more gene-
really known by [Lamark's?].

I have lately heard from
some of my medical brethren, that there was a
probability of Lexington's being enriched by the ac-
quisition of yourself. In that case I assure you Sir,
I should feel much greater reluctance in leaving it
than I do now. But as neither in Cincinnati or
Lexington I may enjoy the pleasures of your Society
I feel the more indifferent about your removal. Selfish motives
aside, however, I feel a wish that you would remove
to this place on account of your amiable lady. Her
health I am induced to hope would be better in this
place, where from the facility of procuring servants
ladies are not subjected to the hardships of domestic

Be pleased to present my best respects
to Mrs. Drake to whom also Mr. Short desires to be re-
member'd, and accept from my [?], dear Sir assuran-
cies of the most unfeigned Esteem of
Your H Servt
C W. Short
Dr Drake, Cincinnati,

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