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Status: Needs Review

for want of proper men, to adopt proper
measures, in due time. - As all is not
yet lost, I have consented that my name
might be put in nomination for the Super-
intendancy of the Southern Department.
I am not diffident of my knowledge of the
business, at least equal to any man in the
Southern States; but it will cross my purposes
of retirement, and I do not know how i shall
obtain the consent of my best friend. Nothing
therefore could have induced me to offer for
os perilous and unprofitable an undertaking,
considering the deranged state of the District;
but a hope, that I might be useful at this
peculiar crisis of American affairs, to promote
peace, and security to the Western people,
and facilitate the adoption of federal measures.
Such communications as you will be so
good as favour me with may be sent by
the post, to Richmond, from whence I can
have them carefully forwarded.
I am Sir with regard
your very humble servant
Arthur Campbell

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