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Patented in the name of Samuel Beall assee. of John May.

Fine land & clear of interferences - examine this Location. and the
Locations adjoining it. I am inclined to Believe I have not had justice done
to me in this instance. J May has a survey of 8000 Acres adjoining it. &
Delaporte a survey of 5000 acres which I am pretty certain is all or
a part J Mays. on his [acct?] vs SB. he there notes charges on this
survey. examine which of these entries are the Eldest. & [?] too
if the 8000. & 5000 acres are surveyed agreeable to Location -
Mr May sold to me his Interest in this 1000 acre survey. or rather
5000 acre location June 30. 1785. it is surveyed July [underline: 1786]
when he held no Interest. & the Surveyor acted under his
direction - This note should be attended to in all instance
of Interferences. & where SB.'s locations are said to be
[Last?]. I find in very many instances where J May removed
Locations he has taken the same Land again to himself

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