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Turner, James Milton: opposes black migration to
Midwest, 510; as US. minister to Liberia,

Turner, Nat, 224, 317, 366, 366n, 531—32

Thmer‘s Hall, St. Louis, Mo.: Douglass at, 149

Tuscaloosa, Ala., 287n

'I\vedd1e Hall, Albany N.Y., 146, 265

Tweed, William Marcy, 312n

Tweedle, John, 289

Tweed Ring, 312n, 492n

Twelfth Baptist Church, Boston, Mass, 435n

Twentieth South Carolina Infantry Regiment,

Twenty-first U.S. Colored Troop, 71n

Tyler, John, 114n, 169—70, 211, 568, 568—69n

Uncle Tom, 56, 119, 130, 211; religious nature
of, 56, 130

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stowe), 56n, 130n, 606—07;
characters in, 513n

Underground Railroad, 304—05, 464; agents of,
383n; Fugitive Slave law (1850) and, 362; Lin-
coln and, “In

Union Army: black officers in, 20, 27—28n; Bu-
reau of Military Justice in, 285n; casualties
figures of, 141n, 236n; chaplains of, 520n; De-
partment of Kansas in, 22n; Department of the
South in, 22n; Department of the West in, 22n;
Department of West Virginia in, 22n; deserters
from, 280; discrimination in, 19, 20, 25—26,
117, 591; enlistment of, 23n, 131n, 579; free
black labor and, 56n; fugitive slaves and, 55,
64—65; hospitals and health services in, 447n,
561n; in Louisiana, 143n; Louisiana units in,
27n—28n; Massachusetts units in, 232n, 234—
35n; New England soldiers in, 483—84; New
York units in, 234—35n; in North Carolina,
84n; officers in, 11, 22, 234—35n, 285n, 299n,
309n, 567n, 595; paymasters of, 550n; south-
ern riots and. 148n; in Tennessee, 148n, 456n;
treatment as prisoners, 114n, 133n; valor of,
290—92, 326, 484, 596; at Vicksburg, Miss.,
56—57n. See also Black soldiers

Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., 94n

Unionists: imprisoned by Confederates, 145—
46n; in North Carolina, 84n; in Tennessee,

Union League Club (New York City), 481n

Union League Hall, Washington, DC, 397

Union League House, Philadelphia, Pa., 128n,
134, 139


Union Navy, 91—92n

Union Park Congregational Church, Chicago,
Ill.: Douglass at, 605

Union Party: See Republican Party

Union Place, New York City: See Union Square,
New York City

Union Republican Party (Va.), 146n

Union Square, New York City: Douglass at, 480-
81, 481n

Union Theological Seminary, New York City,

Unitarian Church: ministers in, 176, 180n, 205n;
slavery and, 180n

United States: China and, 246n; climate of, 386;
cock-fighting in, 352n; compared to Austria,
64; compared to France, 64; compared to Great
Britain, 149; composite nationality of, 245,
259, 272; Europe and, 91; flag of, 6, 30, 56,
66, 212, 275, 280, 291, 297, 317, 321, 362,
452, 545, 616; Haiti and, 203—04, 332, 434,
591; Indians and, 245n; Liberia and, 203—04,
591; national character of, 241—45; natural re-
sources of, 245; population of, 28, 318, 318n,
595; readmission of Confederate states into,
116n, 116-17; relations of, with Europe, 55;
relations of, with Great Britain, 225—26n,
227n; relations of, with Santo Domingo, 281n,
332; religious freedom in, 599, 615—16; re-
publican principles of, 242—43, 244—45, 324,
452—53, 472, 599; West Indies and, 605; as
world power, 247

United States Congress: antislavery members in,
26, 26n, 37n; antislavery petitions to, 368n;
black civil rights and, 27, 119; blacks in, 499,
499n, 598; black suffrage and, 103, 119—20,
205, 269—70, 493n, 540n; Chinese immigra-
tion and, 507n; colonization of blacks and,
57n; compared to Parliament, 166; Democratic
Party in, 426—27, 427n, 489, 493n, 580n;
federal election laws and, 580n; Freedman’s
Bank and, 373n, 554, 554n, 558, 558n; Freed-
men’s Bureau and, 572n; House Committee on
Banking and Currency in, 551n; House Com-
mittee on Foreign Affairs in, 204n; House
Reconstruction Committee in, l79n; Joint
Committee on Reconstruction in, 270n; Joint
Committee on the Conduct of the War in, l98n,
580n; Ku Klux Klan and, 338n; members of,
14, 26n, 28n, 106, 116n, 430, 469—72; per-
sonal liberty laws and, 53n; P.B.S. Pinchback
and, 422—25, 422—27, 423n; readmission of

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