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131n, 440n, 442n, 492n, 541, 567, 567n,
571n, 584—85n, 611; Republican Party in,
272, 333, 440n, 471n, 535—36, 535-36nn,
537, 537nn, 585n; Union Army units from,
483; veterans' organizations in, 480—82; Whig
Party in, 584—85n; woman suffrage and, 146

New York Times, 51, 55n, 80n, 139, 259, 313,
322, 333, 447n, 475n, 481, 496, 510, 562,
581, 585n

New York Tribune, 107, 172, 229n, 312n, 382n,
400, 439n, 473, 507n, 581

New York World, 21, 149

“Niagara” (Douglass), 41n

Niagara Falls, N.Y., 156, 243, 464, 587; Doug-
lass describes, 41, 41n; Frederick Law Olm-
sted and, 447n

Nicaragua, 501

Nicholas I (czar of Russia), 224n

Nihilism, 532n, 532—33

Ninth Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 70

Ninth U.S. Colored Troops, 71n

Noble, Butler G., 602

Norfolk, Va., 77n, 303; Stephen Decatur and,
449n; Henry A. Wise speaks at, 6n

Normans: conquer England, 65

Norombega Hall, Bangor, Me., 601

Norris, Moses, Jr., 209n, 209—10

North American Review, 26n, 532, 532n

Northampton (Mass.) Association of Education
and Industry, 276n

North Carolina, 280, 302, 314; black suffrage in,
122, 122n; election of 1872 in, 313, 317—18;
Federal occupation of, 74n, 84n; Ku Klux Klan
in, 142n, 338n; Reconstruction in, 179n; Reg-
ulators in, 175n; Republican Party in, 312;
Unionist movement in, 84n

Northern Liberty Market, Washington, D.C.,

North Russell Street Church, Boston, Mass:
Douglass at, 395n

North Star, 232n, 319. See also Frederick Doug-
lass' Paper

Norton, Sarah F., 218

Norwegians, 513

Notes on the State of Virginia (Jefferson), 46n

Nottinghamshire, Eng., 189n

Nye, James W., 400n

Oates, Joseph E., 97

Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, 92n, 205n,
262n, 552n, 561n


Observatory of Pulkowa, St. Petersburg, Russia,

O'Connell, Daniel: abolitionism and, 67, 323,
323—24n; on Irish history, 130, 211, 284, 605—
06; popularity of, 418; on property in man, 45

Offutt, Denton, 110n

Ohio, 103, 282n, 495, 517n, 535n, 577n; aboli-
tionists in, 608—09; Black laws in, 82, 82n;
black suffrage in, 179, I79n; Democratic Party
in, 179n, 276, 472n, 534n; Douglass speaks
in, 149; election of 1863 in, 11n; election of
1879 in, 534; election of 1880 in, 571n; gover-
nors of, 485n; politicians of, 442n, 534nn,
566, 568, 580n, 581, 611; Republican Party
in, 276n, 534nn; veterans organizations in,
489; Whig Party in, 580n

Ohio Anti-Slavery Convention, (Salem, 1847),

Ohio River, 371n

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 124n

O'Laughlin, Michael, 115n

“Old Dominion": as Virginia nickname, 237,

“Old Hundred" (song), 70

“Old Ironsides" (Holmes), 238n

“Old John Brown" (song), 109

O'Leary, Catherine, 349n

O'Leary, Patrick, 349n

Olmsted, Fredrick Law, 447, 447n

Oneida County, NY, 310n, 471n

Opera House, Utica, N.Y.: Douglass at, 533

Organic Chemistry in Its Applications to Agricul-
ture and Physiology (Liebig), 380—81n

Osiris, 382n

Othello (Shakespeare), 44, 253

Otis, James, 58—59n, 125n

Ottoman Empire, 196n; defeated by Spain, 195n;
Greece and, 605; Russia and, 65

Our American Cousin (Taylor), 75n

“Our Composite Nationality" (Douglass), 240;
précis of, 598—99; text of, 240—59

“Our National Capital” (Douglass), 443, 475;
criticism of, 617—20; text of, 443—74

Oxford Academy, N.Y., 7n

Oxford University, 363n

Ozama River, 349

Pacific Railway, 586n

Paine, Lewis: See Powell, Lewis Thornton
Paine, Thomas, 415n, 450n

Painesville, Ohio, 577n

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