Status: Complete


in, 425n, 565, 611; secession of, 438n, 488n;
slaveholders in, 422n, 585n

Mississippi River, 53, 520—21n

Missouri, 9, 299n; Democratic Party in, 309—
10n; Douglass speaks in, 149; emancipation
in, 23n, 52—53, 53n; Fugitive Slave Law
(1850) in, 431n; politicians of, 52—53, 309n,
354n, 574n; proslavery men from, in Kansas,
52n, 52—53, 111; Republican Party in, 309n;
slavery in, 23, 52—53, 431n

Missouri Compromise: Democratic Party and,
602; repeal of, 58, 111

Mitchell, Eliza (Douglass’s sister), 137—38n,
479n; reunion with Douglass, 38

Mitchell, Peter, 137—38n, 479n

Mleccha, 250, 250n

Mobile, Ala., 109, 109n, 228n

Mobs: in Albany, N.Y., 53; attack abolitionists,
53n, 522, 607; in Boston, Mass, 53; in Brant
Parish, La., 404n; in Buffalo, N.Y., 53, 53n; in
Colfax, La., 404n; in New York City, 579,
591; in Rochester, N.Y., 53n; in Rome, N.Y.,
53n; in Syracuse, N.Y., 53n; in Utica, N.Y.,

Monroe, John T. , 594

Montgomery, James, 560, 560n

Montreal, Canada, 447n

Moore, Daniel David Tompkins, 64—75, 75n

Moors: See Muslims

Morgan, Edwin D., 440

Moriscos: See Muslims

Morrill Act (1861), 442n

Morris, Edmund, 382n

Morris, John, 360

Morse, W. S., 283n

Morton, Oliver P., 124, 422, 472, 472n; “Bloody
Shirt" and, 611; as candidate for presidential
nomination, 442n

Motley, John Lothrop, 186, 188n, 191n, 597

Mott, James, 261n, 261-62, 262n

Mott, Lucretia, 146, 259, 261n, 407, 409; in
Ohio with Douglass, 262n; at Senaca Falls
Convention, 215n

Mount Vernon, Va., 454—55n

Mozart Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, 186; Douglass at,

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 149

Mulattoes: in New Orleans, 27n; population of, in
U.S., 405, 405n; in Santo Domingo, 605—06

Mullanphy Emigrant Relief Board (St. Louis,
Mo.), 521n


Murphy, Thomas, 332n

Music Hall, Boston, Mass., 240; Douglass at,

Muslims: in Spain, 194, 195n, 520, 520n

My Bondage and My Freedom (Douglass), 43n,

Myers, Isaac, 294

“My Escape From Slavery” (Douglass), 81n

“My Reasons for Opposing Horace Greeley”
(Douglass): précis of, 601—03; text of, 322—33

Nacogdoches, Texas, 320n

Nadal, Bernard, 106

Napoleon Bonaparte: see Napoleon I

Napoleon I: defeat of, 222—23, 223n; Toussaint
L'Ouverture and, 606; quoted, 238, 238n

Napoleonic Wars, 585n

Napoleon III: See Louis Napoleon

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
(Douglass), 362n

Nashville, Tenn.: battle of, 376; cholera epidemic
in, 376n, 376—77; Douglass speaks in, 375—
94, 609; Andrew Johnson speaks in, l44n

Nashville (Tenn.) Republican Banner, 375

Nast, Thomas, 312n, 385n

National Anti-Slavery Standard, 3, 51, 53n, 60,
177n, 199

National Bank of the Republic, New York City,

National Convention of Colored Men, Washing-
ton, D.C. (1866), 96—97

National Emigration Aid Society, 521n

National Equal Suffrage Association, 118

National Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., 51; Douglass
speaks at, 137n

National Home Association for Colored Orphans,

National Hotel, Washington, D.C., 114—15,
115n, 170

National Negro conventions, 92n, 125; in New
Orleans, La. (1872), 293; in Washington, D.C.
(1866), 96—97

National Radical Reformers’ (People’s) Party:
Douglass as vice-presidential candidate of,

National Union Convention, Philadelphia, Pa.
(1866), 123, 146n, 162n; Democratic Party
and, 569n; Andrew Johnson and, 569n, mem-
bers of, 161n; proceedings of, 125m

National Union Party, 145n

National Woman Suffrage Association, 214, 215nn

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