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Remarks on board Wednesday the 8th of August
these 24 hours Commences with pleasant weather.
We got cuting ?gun up and ?wegum
to cut the whale in. We handed the fore
main and mizen topgallantsail handed the
fore and mizen topsail double reefed the
main topsail handed the jib and shanker.
AM we hooked on to the head and hove
in the junk and hoisted case up so that we
begun to bail it out. The hooks tore out
but we hooked on to it again and hoisted it up
but we could not bail it out. They
cut it out and then lowered the waist boat
and went and kicked it up. 63 Days out.

Remarks on board Thursday the 29th. These
24 hurs Commence with moderate weather. We
loosed the jib and Spanker. The watch busy
employed in trying out the blubber. We ?AM
saw a long ship on our weather bow
standing to the Northward and Westward.
We finished trying the blubber. 64 Days out.

Remarks on board ?Fryday [FRIDAY] the 30th. These 24
hours Commences with fresh breeze from the
south and east. We finished stowing down the
oil and cleaned up the deck. ?? AM all hands
employed in scraping an scrubbing decks and
making ?sinnet to put on the run and setting
a head bound to the southward and westward.
Loosed the fore and mizen topsail and put two
reefs in the handed the jib and spanker.
We stand quarter watches nights & C. 65Days out

Remarks on board Saturday the 31of August. These
24 hours Commences with fresh breeze and squally.
All hands employed in making a ?sinnet & C.
A sail in site on our starboard Quarter.
Saw one or two finbacks in course
of the Day an so Ends these 24 hours.

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