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I was in Hamburg. Saw a beauty—the new
Leiss pocket camera—for plates and pack films—takes
a 9 x 12 cm picture—and has all the latest modern
attachments. Tell him to see if they are being carried
in U.S.—how much they cost, and whether he wants
one for pack films or rolls—and I'll try to find out how
much the duty would be. They cost about $35 without

I'm glad the folks enjoyed my diary. I've been
neglecting it of late—I've had so much writing to
do. Traveling is like rolling a snowball—as far as
correspondence goes—The further one goes the more people
one has to write to. New Yorkers, about 4 or 5, London
Jeff & Cousin Evelyn, Hamburg, Cousin Margret and Rudi
Roerting and Haus Walstine—Then I had quite a few
letters to write when I arrived here in order to make
connections with people. It's endless—but lots of fun
when the answers come! I wrote to the [Seeliguesans?]—
they're in Baden-Baden—and seem to be having the
time of their lives—Aunt Minnie should be in
England now—I must write to her. Oh—please—
don't forget to send me the dates of G'mas & G'pas
& Uncle Dr's birthdays—I've gone off without any such
date book!

I've been meaning to tell you for ages—
then you probably know by now—that I gave Ellen
the little Indian bracelet you gave me years ago. It
seemed a bit too childish for me to wear anymore—and
she admired the one Ralph gave me so much that I knew

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