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1945 30 Days NOVEMBER

Fairly cold day, had an awful
8 Th music lesson playing
scales. Had a nice singing lesson.
Got quite a lot done in art. Eric,
Desmond, Bunty & Judy came
in in evening. Did homework.

Very cold. Did French in
9 Fri all my free lessons.
Only had a few minutes of C. events
talked in history, played hockey in
afternoon. Eric went on leave. Judy
came in in evening. Had my hair
cut and washed.

Very cold day. Helped Mummy
10 Sat all the morning. Did
veges and cleaned up. Judy
came for dinner & tea. Went with
her to Station church in afternoon
to decorate it. Did homework and
played piano in evening.

Wed cmt. Eric, Molly, Leslie,Luther,
Denys, Ted(EjO) Geo Phang, Padre
4 new ones, Kitty, Joe, Ron, Dennis

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